inspirational love quote wisdom from kindergarteners by Sulema Pimentel

Two weeks ago, I was in a class with kindergartners. We were having a discussion on what kindness and love meant to them. During this discussion, I didn’t expect the kindergartners to come up with much because they are still so young with little life experience. But to my surprise, they shared their thoughts on love and kindness and they were deep. Even with their short 5 years of life, they are still tuned into the truth and their inner alignment. They live wisdom. Their dominant way of being is still one of love, joy, happiness and kindness. Hearing what they were sharing gave me goose bumps and almost made me tear up. One shared, (now please imagine these words being said by a little kindergartners voice…it was so cute), “If you don’t give away your love, you waste it.” And the second child said, “If you give away your love, you create more love.” These are both simple, yet powerful reminders from these young, wise souls! How is that for wisdom from kindergartners?

Let’s check in with ourselves to make sure we are embodying these messages and practicing them. Let’s start with the first reminder. “If you don’t give away your love, you waste it.” That’s right, if you don’t give away your love, you’ll waste it. You are love! At your deepest core, you are 100% pure, unconditional love. When you live aligned with who you truly are, you are always being love. And when you are not living aligned, you are wasting the love within you that could be expressed and given to others. So go on and give love! Give the love that is within your heart so it doesn’t go to waste. Let’s listen to the wisdom of this cutie kindergartner.

Moving on to the second reminder, “If you give away your love, you create more love.” How beautiful is this! Giving away love creates more love. It’s just like the law of attraction where like attracts like. Whatever energy you put out, you get more of. You amplify the energy of what you give your attention to and of who you are being. So if you give away your love, you will create more love in this world. More people will feel good from the love that they received from you and they will be inspired to give some of their love away too. And then those people will also go on and repeat the process and overall, we love will spread and we will create a more loving universe. How amazing is that.

It’s time for us to be love and it all starts with you. Activate all the love that is in you. Give yourself love first and then give it out to others. You can even send out love to people from a distance and they will feel it. I send love to you now! Thanks for reading. Till next time. Love away!


Sulema Pimentel


Cosmic Design Conscious Poem By Sulema PImentel

Your connection with another human being can be one of the most sacred and cherished things that you value in your life. The depth of your connection with another is determined by the depth of the connection you have with the Divine within you. When you are aligned with God, your relationships with others will be more loving and harmonious. Every relationship you have with another whether it be short-term or long-term, with a family member, a romantic partner, a friend, an acquaintance or even a stranger, was meant to be because it is all a part of the cosmic design. There is purpose in everyone who is or was once in your life. Without their existence in your life, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. So live connected, live in love and have a dance with the cosmos. 😉

By the way, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! May the love that is within your heart be felt and expressed because when you share your love, you create more love. 😉

Much Love,

Sulema Pimentel


LOVE CREATES MIRACLES - Conscious Note to Self by Sulema Pimentel

Love is a state of being in alignment with your soul. When you are in this state, you are in a state of pure, unconditional love. And when you are in this state of love, you are creating miracles. Love creates miracles. Love is the energy that created you and love is the energy that continues to create all the beautiful things that this world has to offer. So go on and be love. Fill up with so much love and radiate it out from the core of your heart and before you know it, you will be creating a life full of miracles. 😉

Much Love,

Sulema Pimentel



Divine Masterpiece Poem by Sulema Pimentel

What is it that is burning inside of you and wanting to come out? Is it a dream, a book, a business idea, an invention, an art piece or simply an “I love you” to the ones you love? I know you have a wealth of dreams, ideas and projects that wish to be created through you. But the question is, are you allowing these ideas to be expressed and be made manifest? If your answer is no, then it is time for you to create the Divine Masterpiece that is inside of you!

In this poem I wrote, we are reminded that we are Divine artists who are ready to bring our inspired ideas to life now, today, this very moment. In order to bring them to life, we must silence the negative voice in our minds and listen to the voice of our soul instead. When we do this, we align with the energy that creates worlds. You have one-of-a-kind creations that nobody can create the way you will because each creation within your heart will have your own energy signature. And that my friend, cannot be created by anyone else but you. It is your most important assignment to give life to your soul’s desire.

Remember as you create that it is from a space of silence and with an open heart that your soul will effortlessly create masterpieces that can bring you riches in every area of your life. Not just one masterpiece, but many, one after another. I invite you to make the time to go on a soul date with your True-Self and give your Self permission to create those pieces of art that come from your Divine spark. This here is the best gift you can give to your soul and to humanity. 🙂

Oh, and remember that you yourself are a Divine Masterpiece. Own this truth. You are MAGIC! 🙂

Many Blessings and Love,

Sulema Pimentel


It’s officially 2018! Happy New Year! Welcome the new year with love, kindness and positive change. Let this year be your year. The key to a successful year is to be in alignment with who you truly are. To successfully do this, you must quiet your mind in order to let your true self rise to the surface. Watch this video as I share with you how you can quiet your mind. In this video, I share my message through spoken word poetry since I love writing poetry. It’s the first one that I share online so check it out. And please share with me what techniques you use to quiet your mind. I’d love to hear them!

Many Blessings to You,

Sulema Pimentel


Love is always the way! In times of fear, worry, stress or chaos, love is the answer. If you give up easily in life, it might be because there is an underlying fear or fears that are crippling you from moving forward. It’s time to go beyond your fears. You can achieve this by first becoming aware of your fears and recognizing the false thoughts that you are believing that are creating them. Once you do this, you can consciously rewrite your story by choosing loving thoughts that are based on truth. Feel the energy of love in your body, mind and spirit and allow your fears to dissolve. Being love will set you free!

Many Blessings,

Sulema Pimentel


It’s time! It’s time to stop living disconnected from God. It’s your time now to reconnect to Universal Intelligence and to live in oneness with who you truly are. This state of being is your natural state. And in this state, everything changes for you in the best way possible! Life gets easier, things begin to flow with ease and the best part is that you regain your power to consciously create a life you love. Join me in this video as I share with you how to connect with God.

Much light your way! Xoxo

Sulema Pimentel

Be Your SELF

Life is meant to be a fascinating experience. In order to experience fascination in your life, it is essential to be your true, authentic Self. You find your True-Self by being the light that you are, now in this very moment. So go within, tune into your soul and share with the world the treasures of light that you find within yourself. The world becomes a better and brighter place when you radiate the light of your soul. 😉

With Love,

Sulema Pimentel



Hello there bright one!

Do you need clarity on what spirituality is and how to embark on your spiritual journey? Embarking on your spiritual journey may not always be the easiest but it is well worth it! Watch video one of our Spirituality Made Easy video series as I answer to, What is Spirituality? May this help you along your soul exploration journey.

Much Love,

Sulema Pimentel


Affirm, “I am always allowing abundance!” out loud. Abundance is always flowing through people, nature and all things. The key is to let it in. Always allow abundance into your life! Allow it in by giving yourself permission to receive from others, by thinking abundant thoughts, by feeling abundant feelings and by focusing on being grateful of all of the abundance that now surrounds you. When you dominantly vibrate at this abundance frequency instead of a lack frequency, you will automatically start seeing results of more abundance in your life. So go on and be abundant because YOU ARE ABUNDANCE! <3 🙂