Hi! Welcome to A Conscious Lifestyle Blog. I am Sulema Pimentel, a spiritual blogger, writer, poet, traveler, entrepreneur and a deep lover of spiritual wisdom and conscious living.

My spiritual and self-development journey began at the age of 21. I had just graduated from college and I felt lost and unhappy with little direction. I was introduced to the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. From reading this book, I was happy to realize that I was the creator of my own reality. Before this book, I thought life just happened to me. But from this point forward, I made a conscious effort to change my thoughts, feel better and create a better life for myself.

After The Secret, I began reading spiritual books and I immersed myself with these spiritual teachings for many years. As a result, I liberated myself from many limitations and ego identities that I had carried almost my entire life and I began feeling happier and free. I also started consciously creating the life I wanted to be living. Now, after my personal experience, I want to help people experience the beauty of living a spiritually connected life. This pure intention has led me to create this blog. Learning what I learned and what I experienced personally wasn’t easy. As a matter of fact, many of it felt very complex at first which is why it is now my desire in this blog to simplify spirituality in its simplest form for you so you can easily grasp the essence of the teachings, practice living them and reap the wonderful benefits that comes from living them. I’m dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself through connecting with your spiritual nature and living a spiritually aligned life.

I hope you enjoy this blog that was created for YOU and I hope you find the content here enriching, valuable and enlightening. Sending you lots of love and light your way. Stay connected!

Love and Blessings,

Sulema Pimentel